Mother’s Rasoi is a tiffin delivery service that delivers fresh, homemade food to your doorstep. Mother’s Rasoi allows users to set their meal timings and duration. The users also have the option to pause their tiffin service whilst out of town. The meal plans include Standard and Mini variants. Users can choose from vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Mother’s Rasoi also offers an alternate meal plan which includes a combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
Handpicked ingredients are cooked with minimal oil to achieve the highest level of deliciousness along with health.


Mother’s Rasoi is a food-ordering platform. Therefore, it was essential to develop a clean, functional and interactive website that allows users to place orders. The structure of the website is simple yet elegant with appealing imagery. The technology included HTML, CSS and PHP while the framework was built using Angular, JQuery and Bootstrap. The mascot was designed acknowledging the quintessential Indian mother whose life goal is to feed everyone.


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Points focused on

Mobile Responsive
Strong Backend
Easy to use


Interactive Ordering

While an order is placed, the invoice is generated alongside.

Admin Panel

The chef gets an overview of pending tiffins and daily statistics.

Tracking System

The customer can keep track of dispatch time and location of the tiffin.

Customer Dashboard

Allows the customer to manage their tiffin subscription plan.


  • 95/100
    Page speed

  • 752
    Load time

  • 2 weeks
    Delivery time