ScienceKidz is an educational center based in Mumbai. It places emphasis on building and expanding a child’s creation and imagination. Animation and Robotics is the future and ScienceKidz provides early exposure to kids to make them future-ready. With a wider range of material and pre-designed curriculum, children are better prepared to identify problems and implement solutions through fundamental clarity of science and technology concepts.
They employ technology to explain concepts of science and mathematics. It aims at making a child independent, logical thinkers by applying theory in real life situations.


The prerequisite was to create an interactive and instructive website that offered a hassle-free browsing experience. The solution was to create a colorful website that appealed to the children. We used a vibrant color palette keeping the children in mind. Animated graphics interchange formats (GIFs) were made with Photoshop. The technology included HTML, CSS and PHP while the framework was built using JQuery and Bootstrap. Informative content was another important aspect taken into consideration during development. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Nemo, atque reiciendis quod omnis laboriosam sint optio expedita suscipit voluptatibus nihil dolor maiores obcaecati delectus ducimus aliquam nulla nesciunt itaque odio ad illum eligendi. Dolore consectetur vel quae consequatur eveniet enim, excepturi ea cum rerum qui deserunt error, dicta, odio officiis.


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Points focused on

Kids Friendly


Curve Design

Instead of monotonous straight line dividers, parabolic curves have been used.

Animated Elements

Elements such as icons and cars are animated to show movement.

Contact Form

The contact form is simple and allows users to leave messages with other contact information.

Filter Gallery

Images are sorted and displayed under different tabs.


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